My painting is an amalgamation of my education in architecture and a love of abstract expressionist & modern movements. I create narrative and symbolic work that often speaks to humankind’s overreach in the natural world. I draw inspiration from the concept of Psychogeography by the Situationists, and in my paintings often depict emotional cityscapes that blur the lines between place and mind. 

Some of my past commissions include large-format oil and acrylic works with a similar visual arrangement, and include dreamscapes with their own native flora, fauna and geologies.

To inquire about purchasing a painting, please email mattjboyle1(at)gmail

Artist Statement

I paint lush, surreal allegories immersed in nature, architecture, and geometry that often point to the overreach of human influence on our natural world. I am in love with the poetic works and writings of architects John Hejduk and Lebbeus Woods, the Situationists, & Goethe – in them, I found an architecture that told a story, and buildings that spoke of music. Like them I seek to create mythologies surrounding my work, accompanied by specific visual vocabularies. I am deeply inspired by painters like Julie Mehretu and Walton Ford, whose intensely complex allegories and landscapes are dazzling, violent, dreamy, and humbling all at the same time. In my painting I marry architecturally abstract fields with a surrealistic naturalism, and seek to describe a moment in time that tells a powerful story.

My work often involves architecture and animals juxtaposed with unfamiliar landscapes, hinting at a vast shift in natural norms. I am obsessed with time’s effect on our own buildings,  monuments, and nature, and often try to imagine the mark humankind can leave on the planet, both now and in the future.