Bio / CV

Solo Shows

11-18-2023 Of the Sea – As You Like, Brooklyn NY


Group shows

05-02-2024 Superfine – 151 W 42nd St, NYC

03-07-2024 Outsidr – Green Bench Brewing, St. Pete FL

03-01-2024 Right of Spring – The Werk, St. Pete FL

02-09-2024 Nude Nite – Orlando FL

02-07-2024 Every Picture Tells a Story – WADA, St. Pete FL

02-03-2024 All Things FLorida – Five Deuces Galleria, St. Pete FL

01-13-2024 Artworks Open (juried) – St. Pete Artworks, St. Pete, FL


12-02-2023 Small Works – Five Deuces Galleria, St. Pete FL

11-11-2023 All Is Bright – The Morean Center for the Arts, St. Pete FL

04-08-2023 Kyoto Protocol 3 – The Emerald, St. Pete FL

04-01-2023 All that Glitters – Bar 548, St. Pete FL

03-04-2023 Unreal Surreal – Five Deuces Galleria, St. Pete FL

01-21-2023 Sweet Death – House of Shadows, Tampa FL


12-16-2022 Joy to the Waywold – The Factory, St. Pete FL

12-10-2022 White Art Party – Ekeko Gallery, St. Pete FL

12-3-2022 Small Works – Five Dueces Galleria, St. Pete FL

11-27-2022 Happy Art – Grounded Gallery, Gulfport FL

11-11-2022 Mushroom Jazz – The Factory, St. Pete FL

10-15-2022 Local Color – Greenpoint Art Circle at Cafe Grumpy, Brooklyn, NY

10-07-2022 Dia de los Muertos III – Atelier de Sosi, St. Pete, FL

08-13-2022 Near and Far – Warehouse Arts District, St. Pete, FL

03-12-2022 The Marine City – Greenpoint Art Circle at Church of the Ascension, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Statement

I paint lush, surreal allegories immersed in nature, architecture, and geometry that often point to the overreach of human influence on our natural world. I am in love with the poetic works and writings of architects John Hejduk and Lebbeus Woods, the Situationists, & Goethe – in them, I found an architecture that told a story, and buildings that spoke of music. Like them I seek to create mythologies surrounding my work, accompanied by specific visual vocabularies. I am deeply inspired by painters like Julie Mehretu and Walton Ford, whose intensely complex allegories and landscapes are dazzling, violent, dreamy, and humbling all at the same time. In my painting I marry architecturally abstract fields with a surrealistic naturalism, and seek to describe a moment in time that tells a powerful story.

My work often involves architecture and animals juxtaposed with unfamiliar landscapes, hinting at a vast shift in natural norms. I am obsessed with time’s effect on our own buildings,  monuments, and nature, and often try to imagine the mark humankind can leave on the planet, both now and in the future. 


2001 Bachelors of Design in Architecture, University of Florida

Florida/NYC-based painter and illustrator Matthew Boyle calls upon his background in architecture and computer science to create geometric dreamscapes. Working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and ink, Matthew’s work draws a window into sublime landscapes of the mind, often illustrating parables of a post-apocalyptic world rising from the ashes of humankind’s greed and blind ambition.

Matthew has been an artist since he was little, when he drew on old structural steel blueprints brought home by his father. As a teenager Matthew won best overall at the Festival of States sidewalk art contest, graduated from St. Pete High’s IB program with a focus on visual arts, and went on to study architecture at the University of Florida. In 2001 he hopped a freight train to New York City and began a lifelong fascination with city life. He taught creative coding and computer science in East Harlem for 12 years before returning to St. Pete where he is currently focused on painting.